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Irrigation Concerns

By scheduling the water this year, the Irrigation district was able to bank about 94,000 acre-feet of water at El Vado Reservoir in northern New Mexico. That will help supplement next season's supplies.

The problem is the district is concerned its ability to store water in the future could be compromised by how the federal government manages the Rio Grande. The district is weighing in on a lawsuit New Mexico Attorney General Gary King filed earlier this year against the Bureau of Reclamation. 







Casa Colorada

This year a portion of the Casa Colorada ranch was converted to crop production rather than pasture grazing.  Several years were spent removing invasive plant material and leveling the newly created farm.  The farm was planted in Buckwheat as a test crop.  The water table began to rise as the area was cleared of Salt Cedar and Russian Olive.  Buckwheat was recommended as a salt tolerant crop as well as tolerant to the high water table.  



Our Products and Services




The Mark Garcia Farms, organization is a sixth generation family farm, raising livestock, Alfalfa, Oat and Sudex Hay on eight farms and a ranch all located near Tome, New Mexico and Casa Colorada, New Mexico.   We can generally count onFour generations of Garcia's 4  cuttings per year andsometimes five, if  weather permits.  You may pre-order 1500 pound bales or the smaller 70 pound bale.  We also have specialty mixes for horses.

Please check our fertilizer recommendation page for technical information for raising Alfalfa.  Recommended  fertility levels, Prussic acid control, crop rotation, variety,  selections, planting, scheduling,  and moisture detection  instruments.  You will find several cultural techniques that have been developed over the last 100 years that are probably not in the text books.


BeefLimousine Angus Cross

Our beef are the famous Limousine and Black Angus Cross which produces the Lim-Flex hybrids for a "blended-shot" of Limousin with added marbling and maternal instincts from the Black Angus .  Our beef are fed on our own Alfalfa or grazed on our Fescue grass ranch on the pastures on the ranch in Casa Colorada.  We don't feed our cows growth enhancing hormones or inject them with antibiotics, they are all natural. Click here for photos of a small herd on a pasture in Casa Colorada.

Limousin CattleThe history of Limousin cattle may very well be as old as the European continent itself. Cattle found in cave drawings estimated to be 20,000 years old in the Lascaux Cave near Montignac, France, have a striking resemblance to today's Limousin.

These golden-red cattle are native to the south central part of France in the regions of Limousin and Marche. The terrain of the homeland has been described as rugged and rolling with rocky soil and a harsh climate. Consequently, the growing of field crops was very difficult at best and emphasis was placed on animal agriculture. Limousin cattle, as a result of their environment, evolved into a breed of unusual sturdiness, health and adaptability.


Horse Training

Mark Garcia a horse trainer of local renown has a reputation as a horse wisperer.  His methods have tamed wild Mustangs in a hour or less and calmed them in a matter of minutes.  One of these animals was brought in from the wilds of Wyoming, went through the training regime with Mark.  His methods produced an an animal that was rideable by the owner and was not harmed in anyway.  He can generally train a run of the mill horse in a less than thirty minutes to enter a horse trailer of it's own accord which is a testament to Marks' skill.  He is the truer "Horse Whisperer".   

Wild Mustang


Mark training a wild Mustang. 


Horse Training

What a STUD! Great disposition and pedigree with Skipper W and Impressive top and bottom. So gentle that anyone canStallion at Stud ride!  Naming a few notable achievements in Mask's bloodlines: Several APHA Champions, Many Superior Halter Horses, Several World and Reserve World Champion Sires! LCFG $650 Mark 505-804-7820 

This black and white Homozygous Stallion is everything we've been looking for in a breeding stallion. He's quiet, gentle, conformation that a great stallion needs to pass on to his offspring and very easy to handle, even during breeding season. His offspring shows every sign of being able to make great Halter and Performance Show Horses, and with the willing disposition they will get from this stallion and our gentle well-bred mares, his offspring will make great 4H or Trail Horses.